A Detailed Guide To Blackjack Double Down

You’re not a true Blackjack fan if you don’t know what Blackjack Double Down is.

You’re not a true Blackjack fan if you don’t know what Blackjack Double Down is. This one strategy can help you mark big victories in a game of Blackjack and make the gameplay a little more captivating. So, let’s learn:

  • What Blackjack Double Down is
  • How to use it
  • When not to use it

What is Blackjack Double Down

Blackjack Double Down is a strategy that allows players to double the initial bet in the middle of the game and they then get one more card. Getting one more card and doubling the bet can up your winning chances in the game of Blackjack but it can increase the risk. Hence, knowing when to Double Down and when to not is very important before you test your luck using this strategy.

When to Use Blackjack Double Down

Going with this strategy can favour you when:

  • Your hand total is 11  as this strategy will help you build a hand closer to 21 quickly. Most of the players use Double Down when they have hands totalling 11.
  • Your hand total is 16, 17, or 18.  With Blackjack Double Down, you have a chance to get a lower card that brings your hand total near to 21.
  • Your hand total is 9 or 10. This is considered a hard total in a game of Blackjack and with the help of Double Down, you have a chance to increase the total if a higher-value card is drawn.

When to Avoid Blackjack Double Down 

No matter how good or favourable this strategy seems, a player should never opt for Double Down when:

  • The dealer’s hand has an Ace. In this case, the chances of the dealer winning a hand are already high and an extra card will barely help you. You will only increase your risk by doubling the bet.
  • Dealer hand has a 10 card then also you should avoid using the Blackjacks Double Down strategy because the dealer hand already has a high winning probability.
  • If the dealer’s hand has cards like 7,8, or 9 then also should also avoid using Blackjack Double Down because the dealer’s hand a strong position in the game.

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How to Blackjack Double Down

Now that you’re aware of the scenarios of using Blackjack Double Down, it’s time to know how to use it.

  • You should start playing Blackjack as usual and place the initial bet.
  • Check the hand value.
  • If you like to use double down, sign the dealer by raining an index finger on the table.
  • Double the bet and get an extra card.
  • Check the value of your hand with that extra card and you must stand in the game.

Things to Know About Blackjack Double Down

The Blackjack Double Down strategy is a strategic move and you must know a few things about it before actually trying it.

  • Know that you can only double the initial bet of the game.
  • Know the online casino rules regarding Blackjack Double Down. Some casino only allows it when the card total is 10 or 11. It means you can’t use Blackjack Double Down in any casino.
  • Never ignore the dealer’s hand and use Blackjack Double Down without knowing its value. Your winning probability in the game of Blackjack is highly influenced by the dealer’s hand.
  • In most of the online casinos, players are not allowed to use Blackjack Doubling Down after splitting. So, if you plan to use this strategy, use it before the splitting
  • Similarly, players are not allowed to use this strategy after hitting. This is because it increases the players’ winning probability over the house edge, which no online casino would like to happen.
  • Players should do effective fund management while using this strategy because doubling the initial bet demands more funds. It’s important to know your limit to avoid the problem gambling
  • We recommend you avoid using Blackjacks Double Down strategy twice in a game. Use it only once.
  • Never keep the hope of winning. We do agree that using the Double Down strategy boosts your winning probabilities But, it doesn’t warrant your winning. If you’re thinking that you will use it and mark a victory then you’re wrong.

Concluding Words

Blackjack doubling down can be a profitable move in the game of Blackjack, provided you’re using it the right way. Learn when to use it and when to avoid it. We also recommend knowing the risks of the strategy. Lastly, never play Blackjack with any run-of-the-mill online casino.  Select the best one and have a pleasant experience.

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