The Biggest & Best Progressive Jackpot Slots In 2022

Have you ever wanted to play slot machine games but got overwhelmed with the different kinds of slots? Well, you’re in luck because today, we’re going to explore the biggest & best progressive jackpot slots so that you will know exactly what to play next time.

Winning a jackpot at a progressive slot machine can transform your life into wealthy life. But, of course, betting only a few cents or dollars and winning hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars at a time can be very tempting. Still, you have to understand that even if there is a huge possibility of winning a fortune.

There’s also the possibility of losing all your money without reaching your goal. You can take the example of Archie Carrass, who managed to win more than 40 million dollars in casinos. But, instead of walking away, he continued to play and lost all his money.

Strategically when you play progressive slots, you should not risk losing all your money by placing high bets on a single game. This is one of the best progressive jackpot slots tips for every gambler. 

Now, stick around as we count down The Biggest & Best Progressive Jackpot Slots in 2022. Also, stay until the article’s end because one of these slot games might just end up winning you thousands of dollars.

Quarter Mania.

In our list of the biggest & best progressive jackpot slots in 2022, we have Quarter Mania in the first position. Quarter Mania is a slot game with machines linked in Nevada and New Jersey. Quarter Mania is a combination of an auction and a raffle. It can be played with a low bet, but the payouts can be huge.


In the second position, we have the PowerBuck slot machine. It’s a wide-area progressive slot machine game that connects machines in Nevada, South Dakota, and New Jersey. The jackpot of PowerBuck starts at one million dollars, and only three-dollar bets are eligible for this jackpot.

If your bet is under three dollars, you’re lucky because PowerBuck offers fixed prizes for bets lower than three dollars. Some of the PowerBucks notable winners are Jewels Parent, who won a 1.2-million-dollar jackpot in 2017.

Millionaire 777s.

In the third position, we have Millionaire 777s. If you’re looking for more frequent payouts, then you should pick the Millionaire 777s slot game; when you play it, you have the chance to win 1 million dollars. Millionaire 777s are available online as well as in casinos such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Sex in the City Slots.

In the fourth position, we have Sex in the City Slots. Sex in the City is a progressive slot machine based on the insanely popular American TV series “Sex in the City,” That might be why the machine is so loved among casino goers.

Since the TV show is popular among women, stats have shown that these slots are mostly played by single women, and the fact that the manufacturer of the slot made sure to design and create machines that match the show’s themes made it very appealing for fans of the show.

The game features symbols like limousines, handbags, diamond rings, high heels, and even Mr. Big, even though the slot game looks simple.

Saturday Night Live Slots.

In the fifth position, we have Saturday Night Live Slots. It’s one of Bali gaming’s most popular slots. The jackpot for this game requires ten thousand dollars on individual machines. While most of the Saturday Night Live Slots are local, there are many wide areas of progressive machines with potentially large payouts.

Due to the slot machine’s huge success, variations of the Saturday Night Live have created variations that include the Church Lady and Wayne’s World. These two variations are incredibly popular on casino floors.

Wheel of Fortune Slots.

In the sixth position, we have Wheel of Fortune Slots. Wheel of Fortune Slots is one of the most iconic progressive slot machine games, and it’s so popular that an American TV show was created based on the game. When you play the Wheel of Fortune, you have three options for betting levels. Twenty-five cents, one dollar, or five dollars are enough to be eligible for playing the Wheel of Fortune. The payout is usually more than one million dollars; you have the option to get paid annually or all at once.


In the seventh position, we have MegaBucks. MegaBucks is dubbed as the richest slot machine of all time. MegaBucks was one of the first progressive machines to ever exist. When you mention slot machine games to anyone, the image of megabucks is the first thing that will probably come to their mind.

The concept of this game is fairly simple, and it requires three coins or three dollars to be eligible to hit the jackpot. The slot machine features symbols such as cherries bars of gold and sevens, and the goal is to match these symbols in a single pay line.


So, these were the some Biggest & Best Progressive Jackpot Slots in 2022. We hope this article has given the information which you were looking for.

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