Blackjack Card Counting Training & Guide

Blackjack card counting is a skill or ability which helps the player to win the odds while playing the card in the casino. Blackjack card counting can also be played online or self-play at home. If you play card counting online then it is known as online blackjack counting.

The only thing required to play is a deck of cards. It is a game that required considerable time and practice to understand and learn perfectly. You can count cards easily since it iss an easy skill that anyone can pick up in a limited time, however, it is difficult to master. If you want to play like a pro then you need to keep yourself updated with all card values and basic card counting strategies.

Let us know how we can play the blackjack card counting training game and how it works.

  • The foremost thing you should know is the assigned value of each card. In the game of blackjack card counting the cards, values are assigned in a high-low system. 10, Queen, Jack, king, and Ace are high cards whose assigned value is -1.2 to 6 are considered as low cards and whose value is +1. Moreover, the rest of the cards which are 7 to 9 are assigned a value of 0.
  • The card will be dealt with once we press play.
  • Once the card is dealt we need to record the running count by adding or subtracting or sometimes doing nothing for every card that we see.
  • If the sum is correct the game progresses with new rounds again and again until the dealer shuffles the cards again.
  • Always focus and track your count values to bet on the game. To count the value is simple. For example, the count of the second round will be the sum of the first as well as the second round likewise the count of round 3 will be the total of the previous; including the current round.
  • The player can make the decision of betting after getting the true count. If after the end of each round the count value is negative then the player can increase the size of if; however, if your count is positive then lower the size of your bet. Depending upon this rise and fall you can make your decision whether to keep playing or change bets.

Online Blackjack card counting?

Of course! You can play online blackjack card counting for free or on real money at an online casino or at home. Since all the casino games depend on luck and strategies, online free games can help you to practice playing at the cost of nothing. Moreover, if you want to play online blackjack card counting for real money; then you can play at the low rate of $1 only per hand. So if you want to play just by chilling and in the comfort of one’s home then you can play online blackjack card counting for free.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy as well as earn with the peace of mind of not losing much then you can definitely try playing online blackjack card counting for real money. Online blackjack is a good way of practicing card counting. Since here the card dealer is online and you get more space to count values with no pressure and distraction which comes when you play in casinos.

Online blackjack counting is a huge known and played card game. The main reason for gaining so much popularity is that it is very simple and easy to play.

Online blackjack counting games in a few steps (how to play).

  • The first and foremost step is to make your bet.
  • The second step is the dealer will give you two blackjack cards and show one of his cards.
  • The third step is you need to decide whether you want to double your bet before you hit or stand; and want to split your bet if you get two cards of similar value.
  • The fourth step is that you can opt to add more blackjack cards by choosing hit; however, you lose automatically if your card’s value increase by 21.
  • The fifth step is if you want to play your hand then click ‘stand’.
  • The sixth step is to know about the dealer’s hand, the dealer will show the hidden blackjack card. Hit if they have 16 or less, and stop hitting if they have 17 or more.
  • The seventh and final step is that if your combined value is greater than the dealer then you win the game. If you’re combined value is lower than the dealer’s; or if the value of your total cards exceeds 21 then you lose.

Basic card counting strategies.

Basic card counting is based on one theory i.e. high low system. The main aim of the player while playing this game should be to track the high and low value counts. If you count the cards then you get an idea of the remaining cards which are left to be dealt and played. Basic card counting is totally based on a mathematical formula:

True count = Running Count ÷ Decks Remaining.

If we use this basic strategy and card counting perfectly; then we can use the information to bet accordingly and make money.

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