What is Bonus Hunting? Bonus hunting with Bonus Money

To win bonus rounds with free spins and maximize the winning potential of the reels is pretty much everyone’s goal while playing slots. A new playstyle that has gained popularity on Twitch is hunting bonuses, and a Bonus Hunt is an ideal opportunity to try various slot games that provide dazzling and amazing fun.

What is Bonus Hunting?

Over the years, the word “Bonus Hunting” has been used to refer to a number of things, and it’s sometimes mistaken with “casino whoring,” which is a whole different idea. Instead, bonus hunting is the practice of playing a variety of slot machines until you trigger the bonus round but leaving the game before it begins and storing it for the future.

The bonus opening session occurs during a live stream once casino streamers have collected these bonus rounds. Again, the gameplay isn’t ground-breaking or exploitative, but it provides an exciting and satisfying gaming experience, especially after putting some time and effort into the hunt.

Since all outcomes are fixed and played out, hunting slot bonuses have no impact on overall wins as usual. However, a guarantee of activity is essential for players, even if it only lasts for a short while.

How you can Hunt Slot Bonuses?

You should understand that finding casino Bonus Hunting takes time and a certain budget limit. Any casino player will find getting free spins difficult enough, and playing many rounds in various games may grow quite expensive. Therefore, you must always attempt to set a cash limit and go from there.

The enjoyable part begins once you have finished preparing your budget. Choose a game you like to play! Then, choose any of your beloved games, as long as they provide free spins or bonus rounds, and you’re set to go. The next steps will be easy for you to follow.

  • First, you must spin the reels and use scatter or other special symbols to start the bonus rounds.
  • Once you’ve reached the bonus rounds, immediately quit your game. Then, when you reopen it, your work will be saved and continued.
  • With several games, repeat the entire process. Also, remember to control your triggers by following your budget.
  • Open the games one at a time and begin collecting the tempting rewards.

Why should you try Bonus Hunting?

You should absolutely give a slot bonus hunt a try if you’ve never done one yourself. You will get to see different ways to approach this crazy and entertaining play style. By choosing Bonus Buys, you can play for fun or generate money in the most effective way possible.

Many games will allow you to avoid the time-consuming process and let you purchase into their unique features because bonus hunting requires starting the additional rounds. With bonus buys, gamers may instantly activate Free Spins by paying a little fee. Depending on the game, prices might range from 25 to 150 times your wager.

Since many slots with this functionality allow for relatively cheap entry costs, using this strategy could result in financial savings. Additionally, Bonus Buys may appear like a sensible and fruitful choice considering that triggering bonus rounds might often need more than 300 spins, which is a very lengthy period.

What is the Strategy to Win Big?

You should develop and have a good plan before you begin since it will increase your chances of winning large. Of course, there are always tips and tactics to shift the chances in your favour; but many casino gamers prefer to wing it in the hopes of getting lucky.

You must play aggressively to transform your games into a success story since wagering restrictions are far greater than they always were.

Consider the following example: You are about to invest $50 and receive a 100% deposit bonus. You have $100 to spend on games. A 35x wagering requirement is also included. Play all of the pay lines and the largest wager size possible.

You will likely easily fulfil the wagering requirements if you continue to win games. However, you don’t have to use this method if you can’t afford a larger bankroll or if you like playing casino games because it is still risky.

Using this strategy also has its drawbacks. No matter what, you must identify a slot machine with a high RTP, have luck on your side, and win repeatedly. Furthermore, you must set aside some time to play the greatest online slots because this consumes a lot of your time.

Big bonuses are rare, so when you are prepared to accept one, study the fine print to learn the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements. Always choose incentives with a 35x or lower wagering requirement.


So, this is what Bonus Hunting is. Bonus Hunting is an amazing and fun thing to try out in casinos, but first, you have to make a good strategy.

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