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Read this post to learn how to play a Sic Bo game in Bangladesh online casinos.

Casino games are quite popular in Bangladesh in recent years. Therefore, several online casinos offer different casino games with huge benefits. One of these casino games is Sic Bo. It is also the most popular and thrilling dice game among Bangladeshi players. People who feel too overwhelmed with Craps or become bored with Roulette must try their luck at this game. 

China is the origin of this game. The simple but engaging gameplay makes it a favorite among the players seeking excitement and chances to win big. The game’s rules are simple, so anyone can easily learn how to play it.

Despite that, it is also a very entertaining game that gives fun time to players. It will make it a favorite game of all skill-ability-level players. Anyone can play this game without any issues after just a few games. This article offers in-depth details on the essential guidelines and carefully examines the gameplay. Therefore, it is helpful if you are inexperienced with the game and want to learn how to play it at a Bangladeshi casino.

Understanding Sic Bo:

The goal of the dice game Sic Bo, which uses three dice, is to guess the roll’s outcome. The dealer tosses the three dice into a shaker and then shakes it vigorously before revealing the outcome. Players bet on the likely outcome before the dice are rolled. Moreover, numerous betting alternatives are available at the table, each of which corresponds to a particular set of dice combinations. 

How to Play Sic Bo?

Gambling games are simple to learn. Usually. If you’ve never seen a Sic Bo table, you won’t know what to do with it. The rules of the game are not too difficult to understand. However, they may be aggravating at first. Moreover, playing online makes it much simpler. You’ll discover it in this manual. The game’s main goal is similar to those of other casino games. It entails placing bets on particular dice results. The gameplay is as follows:

  • You place your bets by placing chips on regions that represent the outcomes you want to wager on.
  • The dealer shakes three dice tightly in a little chest.
  • You win if you accurately predict every number or sum; if not, you lose.

Rules to Play Sic Bo:

You must stake money on the symbols on the table to play Sic Bo. Before the three dice roll, more than one bet may be made. In a game, players have a variety of betting options, including:

Small and Big:

It is one of the common Sic Bo bets. You can bet on either tiny or huge in this type of bet. Moreover, any sum between 4 and 10 is considered “Small”, and any total between 11 and 17 is considered “Big”. If all three dice display the same number in this bet, it refers to a triple, and both alternatives lose. You get paid off at even money or one times your stake when you win.


It is a type of bet that assumes any two of the three dice will come up with the same number. You must bet on either one pair of numbers or several pairs of numbers in this Sic Bo bet type. Options include Double One through Double Six. However, the winnings are paid out at an 8x rate of the original wager. 


A triple bet assumes all three dice will produce the same outcome. Either you can bet on all of the triples, or you can bet on a specific triple, like Triple One or Triple Five. However, the House is another name for this bet. A winning Any Triples wager pays out 24 times the original bet. However, a successful individual triple prediction pays 150 times the initial bet.

The Combination:

It is a medium-risk bet. This Sic Bo bet type depends on the assumption that the throw will result in the appearance of two certain numbers. In a combination bet, the reward is five times the stake.


One single number will appear on the dice as a consequence of the roll, according to this bet. The compensation also depends on how frequently the number you choose will appear. However, the payoff is even money if the number you choose for a Single bet appears just once. The reward is twice the bet if the number occurs twice. Furthermore, if the number appears three times, the payout is three times the original wager.


Sic Bo unmistakably engraves its place inside the fabric of Bangladesh casinos. It is an alluring tapestry of dice-based excitement. It is inherent simplicity, and versatile range of betting options render it an irresistible allure for both novice and seasoned gamblers. It would help if you immersed yourself in the foundational principles and orchestrated strategic approaches. So, you can elevate your gaming escapades and potentially claim coveted winnings.

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