Do You Know Which Casino Games Have The Worst Odds?

When choosing casino games, it’s essential to consider the odds and house edges.

In the extensive world of online casinos, it’s very obvious to have multiple choices. Some games are best known for their fair gameplay whereas few casino games are famous for their huge jackpots.

Casino games can be a thrilling way to spend your time and money, and even build a fortune, if luck favours you. However, it’s very crucial to know about the casino game odds before investing real money because a game with the poorest odds can make you lose all your money for no good.  In this blog, we’re going to tell you about casino games where casino games winning odds are the worst among all and are not recommended.

1. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a popular game amongst the gambler community because of its large jackpots. But, it is one of the worst games we have around in terms of winning odds. The records say that the Wheel of Fortune has a probability of winning between 2.15% and 3.01%.

The winning odds are very poor in this game because of multiple reasons such as:

  • High house edge-  The house edge in Wheel of Fortune is excessively large and makes it very difficult for players to mark consistent victories.
  • High outcome unpredictability – In this game, players have strategies to follow to boost their winning odds.  Outcomes are 100 % random.
  • High-risk bets- If you want to hit the jackpot in the Wheel of Fortune then you need to place bets with the maximum possible credits, which is both costly and risky.
  • No control over the outcomes- Players have no control over the outcomes, resulting in no strategic decisions or bet adjustments.

 So, you need to avoid playing this game if you’re someone seeking a high winning probability.

2. Keno

Keno is our second pick when we talk about the casino games with the worst odds.  In this game, the winning chance is mainly driven by the spots selected by the players. This is also one of those games where the house edge is very high, ranging between 25% to 30%. 

For every dollar you spend, you can only expect to win 25 to 30 cents for a winning bet, which is very poor. However, certain online versions of Keno have a little better house edge of around 85-95%. So, if you want to play Keno then make sure that you’re playing it with a leading online casino version.

3. Slots

While the entire online gambling community is in awe of the striking gameplay, striking layout, and engaging symbols of slots, these machines are the worst in terms of odds.  Most of the slot machines have a high house edge. In some slots, the house edge is even up to 15%, which is not favorable.

This is also a purely game of chance and there is no scope for strategy to play. Players have to depend only on the outcome of the reel, which is governed by RNGs.  It’s all about luck and if it’s not on your side on one fine day then you will end up losing all your money.

The gameplay of slots is also very fast-paced, which is not suitable for novices to understand. If you’re choosing to play with a slot with more reels then understanding how payouts are handed over is very difficult. Unlike many casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, or Roulette, which have a standard format to follow, slots are very random. Each provider will change the payout probabilities of the symbols they use.

All these things make it very difficult to understand how slots work, resulting in wrong bets. If you’re serious about winning through online betting then slots are something that you should avoid.

But, if you’re a hardcore slot lover and you can’t avoid its charm this is what you can do.

  • Try to play classic slots or slots with fewer reels. This will make the gameplay a lot more simplified and you will have fewer hassles to understand the payout table. 
  • You should start with making small bets on each pay line and try to bet on every pay line. This way, you will be able to cover all the pay lines without putting too much money at stake.
  • Before making any bets, understand how payouts are handed over in selected slots through the help of demo games.

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Final Say

When choosing casino games, it’s essential to consider the odds and house edges. Games with high house edges and low return-to-player (RTP) ratings are generally the worst casino games. So, try to avoid them if you wish to build a fortune using online gambling.

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