Funky Time vs Crazy Time Game- Which Is Better To Play?

f you’re fond of wheel-based online casino games then you might have to face a battle of Funky Time vs Crazy Time.

The struggle to find the right casino game never ends because options are endless, leaving punters confused. If you’re fond of wheel-based online casino games then you might have to face a battle of Funky Time vs Crazy Time. Both games follow quite similar gameplay and are equally interesting. 

But, which one is better for you? Scroll down to learn more about the Funky Time v/s Crazy Time game. 

Funky Time vs Crazy Time- Knowing the Basic 

Before we come down to declaring which game out of Funky Time and Crazy Time is best for you, you need to know the basics of both games. 

Funky Time is a casino game, developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s based on Crazy Time theme and is played using a large spinning wheel, featuring different sections and bonus rounds. Players need to spin the wheel and predict where the wheel will stop, after a spin.  It has four bonus games and can be played in both live dealer and land-based casino formats. 

Crazy Time is Evolution Gaming’s most loved and famous game across the world. It merges two thrilling games, Wheel of Fortune and Roulette, and involves spinning a wheel and predicting the place where it will stop. 

From this definition, they both seem very much similar, leading to confusion towards Funky Time v/s Crazy Time.  But, they are different in many senses. 

Funky Time vs Crazy Time Differences to Decode 

Let’s discuss the aspects where these two games differ from each other. 

  • They both are based on different themes. You get to enjoy a whack and thrilling carnival theme in Crazy Time while Funky Time is based on the funky Disco theme of the ’70s. 
  • Even though they both have bonus games to offer, they do it differently. You get to have four bonus games, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time in Crazy Time Game. Funky Times also offers four bonus games The Bar Bonus, Staying Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. 
  • The wheel segment is also different in each game. The wheel used in Crazy Time is a double wheel with 64 segments and impressive multipliers whereas the wheel of Funky Time comes with 24 letter segments with direct multipliers. 
  • Crazy Time uses a physical wheel where the human dealer spins while Funky Time uses a digital wheel, powered by RNG software. Crazy Time wheel also has a slot feature in it. 
  • The RTP of both games is also different. The RTP of Crazy Time and Funky Time is 95.41% and 95.99% respectively.

Funky Time vs Crazy Time Game: Which One to Choose 

When it comes to narrowing down which one, out of Funky Time v/s Crazy Time game, is the right bet to make, here are the things to keep under review. 

Funky Time gas has a default payout of 25:1, which means that you have a great chance to win in the main, before participating in a bonus game. Considering this feature, we will recommend you to go with Funky Time if: 

  • You want a small yet assured win 
  • You’re new to the world of online casinos and want to make money to stay motivated 
  • You want to go with gameplay with a structured approach 
  • You wish to play a game with a lower house edge as Funky Time has a higher RTP compared to Funky Time 

Crazy Time, on the other hand, has no assured payout. But, you can get 20,000x multipliers in the game if you continue playing for long and enter into the Crazy Time bonus game. This way, Crazy Time is a right bet to make if: 

  • You want to make huge wins 
  • You wish to experience creative bonus rounds 
  • You want to grab high-value multipliers 
  • You want to engage in a more humanized gameplay session 

Always remember that choosing one game out of the Funky Time v/s Crazy Time game entirely depends on personal preferences. Players should gauge on what they want to experience while engaging in a game. Regardless of the option picked, it’s crucial to: 

  • Play for real money only with a trusted casino 
  • Learn the art of bankroll management 
  • Take frequent brakes 
  • Avoid chasing losses 

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Funky Time vs Crazy Time Game: Final Say 

Both the Funky Time & Crazy Time games have unique value propositions and a different way to engage punters. As both come with a quality seal of Evolution Gaming, you must not hesitate to try any of them. Just make sure you choose a reliable online casino while trying any of these games. 

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