How To Play Craps Online | Craps Rules – Beginners Guide

Craps Online is a fun game to try and you don’t need much brainstorming to ace this game.

Craps is loved by the global gambling community because of its engaging and fast-paced gameplay. But, before you start testing your luck using this game, you need to have your basics right and this Craps guide is here to help you. 

What is Craps? 

Craps is a dice game, played in both online and land-based casinos. It is played with two dice, chips, and a table. The key aim of the game is to guess the dice value of the roll before the shooter rolls the dice. In a live dealer and land-based casino format, 20 players can be a part of the game. 

You can also choose to play the computerized Craps online game on a leading online casino. In this form, you play against the computer. 

Types of Bets in Craps Online 

  • Pass Line– It’s a type of bet where you bet in the hope of getting a 7 or 11 when no point is set. If a point is already set then you hope for a 7. 
  • Don’t Pass– This is another Craps online bet and involves hoping for getting a 2, 3, or 12 in case of no set point. For a set point, you hope for a 7. 
  • Place Bet- This bet allows you to place your bet on any of the point numbers individually, including 4, 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10. You can use place bet even if these numbers aren’t set as the points. The great advantage of this bet is that it allows you to stay on the table for multiple rolls. In this bet, you will lose if you get a 7. 
  • Individual Roll Bets- Certain Craps online versions allow players to bet on distinctive roll outcomes. This bet has low occurrence probability and high payout possibility. 

How to Play Craps Online 

To start playing Craps online, follow these steps. 

  • Select a reliable online casino offering different versions of Craps online games. Use your email and register at the casino. 
  • Fund your casino account so that you can make bets. 
  • Go to the game library of the online casino and select the right type of Craps Online game. 
  • Start the game by placing your bet. All the players have to start with the pass-line bet. 
  • A shooter or live dealer comes and will do the first roll of the game, the ‘come out roll’.
  • Check the roll outcomes and if the dice lands with 7 or 11, players win.  If the pass line bet doesn’t win then your pass line bet remains on the game. You can also change your bet before the second roll. 
  • If the first dice outcome is not 7 or 11 then the displayed number is set as the point number of the Craps online game.  
  • You can add to your bets when you have a point number in the game. 
  • The shooter continues rolling the dice and players winning the bet keep getting their payouts. 

How to Play Craps Online the Better Way 

Above was the standard process of playing Craps online. But, you can up your game with some simple tips. 

  • Understand that Pass/Come and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come are identical. So, you can double up if you’re confident and increase your winning odds.  As both these bets have a house edge of 1.4%, they are better options to try. 
  • The odd section on the craps table is placed right above the pass line bet and this section is a good bet. With odds, wagering in this section doesn’t have any additional house edge.  
  • Do you know that 6s and 8s are the most rolled numbers in Craps online? So, you can bet on these numbers in a Craps version where individual bets are allowed. 
  • If you’re new to Craps online and you don’t want to make wrong choices then you should try demo games. In these games, you have a chance to check the game dynamics and have a better understanding of how the game proceeds without involving money. 
  • No matter how skilled you’re in a game of Craps online, you must always set a playing budget, take regular breaks, and avoid betting beyond your limits.  
  • If the casino is offering bonuses, bag them all to build a wealth of bonus money. 

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Final Say 

Craps Online is a fun game to try and you don’t need much brainstorming to ace this game. However, you must ensure that you’re playing this game at a leading and trusted platform. If you’re not making the right choices on this front, you’re inviting unwanted troubles. 

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