Is it Legal to Play at Gambling Apps in Bangladesh?

We address the question of whether using gambling apps in Bangladesh is legal in this article. To learn more and for a more thorough explanation, read this.

Gambling gives you a chance to earn money. However, it is not fully legal in every country of the world. Therefore, bookmakers are banned in most countries. You can easily play gambling games using various Gambling Apps. Though, there are also different rules for using these apps in different countries. These rules are not particularly clear. It is certainly the case in Bangladesh.

The only law regulating Bangladesh dates back to 1867. At that time, the British were the ruler of the country. The Public Gambling Act 1867 is an Indian act. This act was inherited in Pakistan when they gained independence in 1947. According to this act, almost all forms of gambling are entirely banned in the country.

Furthermore, horse racing and lottery in the country were banned. However, there is still some confusion about whether it is legal to play on Gambling Apps in the country. In this short guide, we will try to answer this question.

Legal Status of Gambling Apps in Bangladesh:

The punishments for organizing gambling activities are very strict in the country. They have to pay hefty fines to prison time. It is why there are no land casinos, legal betting establishments or bookies except for horse racing and lottery.

At the same time, land bookies and casinos are illegal in Bangladesh. So, the majority of Bangladeshi players opt for offshore Gambling Apps. Luckily, tons of international gambling sites on the internet allow access to gamblers from Bangladesh. So, you can play at Gambling Apps in Bangladesh if you are likely to face trouble when trying to bet in any land establishments.

The government of Bangladesh is taking serious action to control and regulate the gambling industry of Bangladesh. It is quite challenging to handle the increasing number of Gambling Apps that allow the players of Bangladesh to play. Players can still access other international mobile casinos even when it cracks the whip on several of these Gambling sites.

Some of them also use VPNs to access the block sites. Casino licensing in Bangladesh is illegal. Thus, there is no licensed casino in Bangladesh. That’s not to say players can’t access any mobile or online casino games. In addition to this, they are free to join and play in any international betting casino.

Licensing for Online Gambling in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is the only Islamic country with the highest chances of forming a licensing and regulatory body to use Gambling Apps for playing betting games within the next ten years. In addition to this, they already have an established customer base because a huge group of people gambles online from here each year.

Those people have a high level of Internet availability. Moreover, they already have the groundwork laid for handling their lottery and giving licenses for gambling on land horse racing. Therefore, assuming that they could expand this to include Gambling Apps is not a stretch.

Gambling Laws in Bangladesh:

Regarding sports activities, the people of Bangladesh are always willing to bet on them until they can do this. Whereas land gambling is illegal in Bangladesh, there are no clear federal laws for playing betting games using Gambling Apps. Therefore, a huge group of people believes it is legal in Bangladesh. It needs to understand that online casinos function a little differently. You don’t need to collect a stack of web addresses to play online casino games on your mobile. It just needs to download an app on your mobile phone. Usually, it manifests as an icon on the home screen. It can give the player instant access to their games. 

Betting on games of chance is illegal in Bangladesh. In addition, it is confusing for people because there are no clear distinctions between a game of chance and skills. For example, according to the Bangladeshi Court, the game of Rummy is not a game of chance but skills. Therefore, it is legal in Bangladesh. However, some states of Bangladesh, including Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, have banned online betting completely. Thus, playing various betting games and using gambling Apps is in utter confusion, but for now; it is legal in most parts of Bangladesh.


Many countries in the world earn money through sports betting. However, this is not the case in Bangladesh because it is illegal. However, there are no specific laws for using Gambling apps for playing betting games. Many Bangladesh players use these apps through their mobiles and tablets.

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