Master The Baccarat Game With The Best Strategies

The Baccarat game is a symbol of thrill and excitement for veteran punters.

Baccarat game is over 100 years old and has been a favourite for every casino goers. No wonder it was featured in the four famous franchises of James Bond movies. With the advent of technology that leads to mushrooming of online casinos, Baccarat becomes a household name amongst the global punter community.

If you haven’t tried your luck with this interesting card game and want to have a good start, we have a quick rundown of Baccarat game strategies for your help.

How to Play Baccarat: A Quick Overview

Before we talk about the strategies, let’s know a little more about the Baccarat game and how to play it.

Baccarat is a card game played between bankers and players. Each play round is known as a Baccarat coup and it involves building a hand closest to nine. Players have to bet whether a Banker or Player hand will make it happen the earliest. It also has an extra bet, a Tie bet, which has a low possibility but a high payout.

Baccarat gameplay is very simple and easy to understand.

  • Players make their bets.
  • Cards are dealt between the Banker and the players. Each side gets two cards.
  • Players need to build a hand using the provided cards.
  • Cards are revealed and the hand having a card value close to 9 wins the round. If the Player hand wins the bettors are paid out at even money. And if the Banker’s hand wins, the bettor is paid out at even money, excluding the 5% commission.
  • If any of the hands has a value higher than 9, the game sets it to 0.
  • If the hand’s value is less than 5, 3rd card is drawn.

Simple, right? But, the Baccarat game requires some strategy to boost the winning chances.

Best Baccarat Game Strategies to Try Out

While we don’t deny the fact that Baccarat is a game of chance and there is no surefire way to mark a win, we do believe that strategic planning can place a punter in a strong position. This is why we’re going to share the best Baccarat game strategies with you.

Analytical Strategies

If you’re good at analysis and can keep up the pace with the game, you can try the below-mentioned strategies to maximize your winning odds.

#1- The Baccarat Martingale

According to this Baccarat game strategy, players need to double the bet size with each lost hand. It aims to coup the lost amount when a win finally comes.

#2- Paroli System

This strategy instructs the players to double their bet amount when they’re winning. As it follows an approach reverse of what’s followed in Martingale, it’s also known as Reverse Martingale.

#3- Baccarat Fibonacci

This is a sequence-based Baccarat game strategy and asks the punters to bet in 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on sequence. If you’re losing in the game, flow the sequence in the forward direction. But, if a win comes, you should go back two numbers in the sequence.

#4- The 3 2 System

This strategy instructs players to bet 3 chips on the Banker’s or Player’s hand. The remaining 2 chips are betted on the Banker Pair or Player Pair hand.

#5- The 1 3 2 6 System

This is also a sequence-based strategy where players need to bet in 1,3,2,6 sequences and repeat it after a win or loss.

Game-based Strategy

Other than these famous analysis-based Baccarat game strategies, you also have some game practices to boost your winning probabilities. This involves:

  • Having a good understanding of how the game is players and how winnings are declared. If the basics are not clear, you can’t make the right bets.
  • Going with the banker bet as it has the lowest house edge and can help you get the maximum possible payout against a win.
  • Avoiding Tie bets as it’s very unlikely that both the hands will have equal value.
  • Play a short session and set a betting limit. This avoids bankroll exhaustion and problem gambling.
  • Practicing in a demo game before playing for real money as practice makes everyone perfect.
  • Choosing a simple Baccarat game version, when you’re new to the game.
  • Avoid being greedy and have self-control. But must call a day when you reach your betting limits. Chasing wins and losses will take you nowhere.
  • Staying away from Live Dealer Baccarat game unless you’re through with the game and are ready to match up with the pace

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Final Say

The Baccarat game is a symbol of thrill and excitement for veteran punters. It has been entertaining people for centuries and is now available online. Have your hands on these Baccarat game strategies to ensure a smooth experience. May the best hand win!

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