Paroli Betting System – How Effective It Is?

Paroli betting system is a great strategy for new players and punters who prefer effective bankroll management.

We won’t blame you if you say that you have an urge to use a betting system to up your winning probabilities in a game of chance. Every punter has this impulse and there is nothing wrong with it. There are many types of betting systems that help punters use their bankroll in a specific manner so that their winning odds are improved. Paroli betting system is one of them and in today’s blog, we’re going to explain its meaning and effectiveness in detail.

Introducing the Paroli Betting System

The Paroli betting system is a common betting strategy for online casino games and sports betting. According to this, players need to double their bets after a win and continue doing it for three consecutive wins. If you lose a bet then your next bet will be equal to the size of your initial bet. This way, it’s a positive betting progression and can help you increase your profits.

Let’s help you understand the Paroli betting system through an example.

Suppose your early bet is $10 and you win this bet then your next bet will be $20 victory comes again. Your third bet should be $40 and if you lose this bet then your fourth bet will be $10, your earlier bet.

Through this approach, this betting system ensures that you’re bet size, after a loss, is not too high and that you’ve minimized risks.  If we talk about the invention of the Paroli system then many believe that Blaise Pascal, an inventor of the Roulette casino game,  came up with the idea of this betting system as well somewhere around the 18th century. Other than this, there is no clear mention of its invention.

The word, Paroli, is derived from the Latin term, ‘ Par’, which means ‘ One that is equal’. This indicates that this betting system should be used only for even-odd bets.

Ideal Online Casino Games for Using Paroli System

You can make most of this betting system only when you’re using it for even odd games such as:

  • Roulette because it has even –odd bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, Low/High
  • Baccarat because it has even-odd bets like Banker/Player or Tie
  • Craps because this casino game has bets like Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come, and Field bets with 1:1 winning probabilities.

Why To Use Paroli System

Using the Paroli system can be a great move to make because it has some distinctive benefits to grant you.

Low-risk approach

Compared to other strategies such as Martingale, Paroli is considered a low-risk betting strategy because its key aim is to reduce the losses rather than increase the profits.  When you double after each win and return to the earlier bet, which is mostly the lowest, after a loss, you’re able to put relatively low money at stake. This way, you can easily conserve your bankroll and avoid high-risk chases.

Conservative nature

The Paroli betting system has a conservative nature and is perfect for bettors who prefer managing their bankroll through the betting process. 

Easy to Learn

The simplicity of the Paroli system is hard to beat. The rules are easy to learn and they are ideal for new learners. There is not much brainstorming in using this betting system and is a great way for novice bettors to strengthen their foundation and gain confidence.

Downsides of Paroli System

While the Paroli system can help you gain an edge over multiple things, it does have certain downsides that include:

  • No assured guarantee of marking a victory and even building a huge profit, It works only when three consecutive winnings take place. And, there is no guarantee that it will happen this.
  • No great advantages in the long term because its key focus is on managing the bankroll and keeping the losses as low as possible.
  • No high-profit building because this betting system is designed to control the bankroll.

How Effective is the Paroli System?

Before you plan to use the Paroli System in real life, you need to make sure that whether or not it’s effective.  

Paroli system is effective when you, as a punter, prefer managing the bankroll and have control over the loss incurred. This makes it a highly effective strategy for risk-averse players.  However, if you’re someone who prefers taking high risks to build massive profits.

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Final Say

Paroli betting system is a great strategy for new players and punters who prefer effective bankroll management.  This is a great move to make if you want to be a part of a long-term while keeping the amount you’re going to lose as low as possible.

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