Play for Free or Real Money Craps Online

Craps online is the most popular table game which is played in casinos as well as online. In earlier days it was played in the streets as well. Street craps are played in informal settings. Still, if anyone plays crap online outside the casino it is called street caps. Craps online can be played for free and with real money as well. This means that you have an opportunity to learn and understand the game thoroughly before you start playing with real money.

Craps online was developed in the United States. It is the simplest version of the western European game of hazard. Craps online are played with a pair of dice. The players have to bet on the dice when it is rolled. However, the dice are not thrown manually like a traditional way instead to roll the dice we need to just click.

Craps online will give you the pleasure of the casino game without those crowd, or you don’t need to worry or wait for tshe others to hit for a long time. However, it provides all the thrill and excitement of the live game with an exception of a huge crowd. If you want to get the thrill and earn good money then you should try your luck in this game, but if you want to play any casino first and foremost you need to know the rules before you start. 

How to play craps online

The foremost thing you should know is that playing with real money craps online doesn’t look more confusing than it looks. When we start the game and look at the table we need to keep in mind that we are viewing a game of two players. Craps online table is designed in such a way that both the players can play at the same time simultaneously. Below are a few points you need to keep in mind before you start a game.

  • We need to know about the craps lingo and the layout of the table.
  • Just before the come-out roll, we need to place the wager.
  • Where to put the bet on the table we need to decide.
  • Click to roll the dice.
  • We should not forget the odds. However, winning bets and ties will be paid.

Apart from the above point, you need to understand a few more important and crucial rules. There are two-stage to an online craps game. They are come out roll stage and the point phase. The player who clicks to roll the dice in this game is called a shooter.

Come Our Roll Stage

The foremost part of the real money online craps game is the come-out roll stage.  We need to place the bet on the crap table either pass or don’t pass. Each crap game has two players one is for a player and the other is against the player. In this stage, the first shooter aims to roll either 7 or 11. If the number is not rolled, the bet is won by the pass-line player. However the game is over and a new shooter takes over the game if 2, 3, or 12 hits. Moreover, if any other number hits then that number becomes the point for that particular game.

Point Stage

The shooter needs to roll the number 7 before the pass line player. Whoever hit the number 7 wins the game.

Actually, if you are beginners to this online craps game for real money then these are the only essential rules which you should know.

Craps Online Tips

  • The foremost tip is to play free online casino craps games before you enter the world of real money craps online. You can understand all the game rules by paying from your home in your comfort zone. You also no need to worry about taking time to make a decision
  • Keep yourself updated about the different types of bets. It is not necessary to know about all the types of bets but instead stick with the simple bets only and easily enjoy playing craps online.
  • Keep yourself centered with possible dice combinations. Since there will be two dice rolled on the table. You need to understand all the possible outcomes using probability theories.
  • Be prepared to take all the risk as craps game is all about luck like other casino games. You cannot do anything to affect the outcome of the dice once it is rolled. Use the correct approach. Pass line bets, don’t pass odds, come bets, don’t come bets, and odds bets are the best bets.
  • Make sure you take full advantage of bonuses and comps as this will boost your morale to play the craps game. The extra value is entitled to you in both cases whether you play online craps games for free or for money. While playing online craps games for free you can claim bonuses on your deposit. On the other hand, if you are playing online craps for money then you earn comps which are totally based on the money and time you spend on the table.

Online Craps Game Strategy

Craps online game is all about chances and good luck like other casino games. It will entertain you the most and give you money as well if you are lucky. Always apply the strategies like stick to pass line bets. You can bet on the bet that minimizes the house edge. You get more house edge if you bet on the minimum limit. Always stay away from the big 6 or 8

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