Play Live Dream Catcher Game | Rules & Strategy

Live Dream Catcher Game is considered one of the most entertaining and fun-filled casino games. At the 2017 ICE industry gaming, event evolution gaming launched the live dream catcher game. The game was felicitated in the first category in the brand new money wheel game category organized by the live gaming specialist.

What is a Live Dream Catcher Game?

The dream catcher game is designed in such a way that it attracts slot players. It is a typical money wheel game where good luck is the biggest element to win. The most vibrant feature which helps the game to be attracted by the players is its supersized vertically mounted wheel. The live dream catcher game wheel contains 54 colored segments with different numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. There are also x2 and x7 which is the multiplier segment of the wheel. It is very simple to play and bet. The bet is for where the players think the wheel will stop when it is spun. Live dream catcher game is streamed live from evolution gaming European studios, generally from Riga, Latvia.

Multiple camera angles are installed to see close-ups which boost the excitement level of the players. The game is hosted by enthusiastic and energetic dealers. Most of the energetic live dealers interact with the players once the wheels spin, they also chat with witty comments to boost the gaming vibe when the players wait for the wheel to stop. Live dream catcher games attract a variety of players from beginners to most experienced seasoned casino players since there is no losing field on the wheel.

How to play a Live Dream Catcher and its Rules?

To play live dream catcher is very simple as you need to follow just a few simple steps. The dealer spins the wheel once the player places the bet on the number he thinks the wheel will stop at. When the wheel stop, the winning segment is indicated by the pointer on the top of the wheel. The bets placed on the winning number are paid according to their odds respectively.

Live Dream Catcher Rules

  • When you place the bet the bets must be within the table limits. The screen shows the limits. The traffic light system is used to show the bet. For example, the green color indicates that you can place the bet, the light yellow (amber) color indicates that betting time is nearly over, and the red color indicates that no further bet can be placed for the current round.
  • You need to select the value of the chip to place the bet. After you select the chip place the bet by clicking the number you have chosen on the betting place which is in front of the wheel. With each click, you can add your bet. If you want to place a bet on all betting spots in no time then there is an option for doing the same called BET ON ALL button.
  • The dealer spins the wheel once betting is closed; however, the host will entertain you with their lively comment until the wheel stops. When the wheel stops bright light immerses from all over to boost the player. The winning bets are paid out accordingly after the winning number is determined.
  • If in case the wheel stops on the multiplier then the wheel is spun again until it stops on the number, then that multiplier is multiplied by the number. For example, if the multiplier is x2 and the wheel stops on 5 then your stake is x2x5 which equals 10x payout.
  • The betting Process is open for the next round. To make the process simple there is an option to repeat the previous bet; double the bet, or place a new bet.

Live Dream Catcher Strategy

A game of chance is called Dream Catcher. There is therefore no surefire way to win the game. Similar to slots, each wheel spin is a random occurrence, therefore no skills are necessary to play the game. Having said that, there is some strategy that players with game experience provide that are worthwhile. If you want to win the game then try this strategy.

Right placing of bets- It is safer to gamble on numbers with a higher frequency. Nevertheless, the winnings for such wagers are far lower. There is a greater chance of winning when betting on numbers 1, 2, and 5 than when choosing 10, 20, or 40, which have just 4, 2, and 1 pocket, respectively. When you wager on low-paying numbers, you should frequently receive smaller returns, which will stretch your bankroll and increase the amount of time you can play.

In contrast, wagering on the less frequent numbers (10, 20, and 40) offers higher payout percentages. You should be aware that playing with higher risk will cause your bankroll to deplete more quickly than playing with low-paying numbers.

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