Popular Gambling Myths in Bangladesh

This post will give you some of the common gambling myths in Bangladesh. Read this to get the full details

Gambling is not so much popular in Bangladesh. The reason is that it is illegal in the country. Still, there are several online gambling platforms available that facilitate Bangladeshi players. Due to illegality and strict gambling rules, there are some popular gambling myths in Bangladesh. The major reason for these myths is that they use online platforms to play gambling games. 

Undeniably, online casino is a world of luck as well as beliefs. That’s why there are many rumors and myths about it. In addition to this, some people believe that online casinos cheat. On the other hand, some people think that they could face prison time if caught card counting. There are tons of gambling myths out there in Bangladesh. However, some are false, while others are still around the players’ minds and sometimes influence their play. Here is a list of some common gambling myths in Bangladesh. 

Card Counting is Illegal:

Some Bangladeshi players believe that card counting is completely illegal. The fact is that there is nothing illegal about card counting, and you can’t make prison in jail if you are caught. It is undeniably one of the most popular gambling myths in Bangladesh. However, the majority of casinos don’t allow you to count cards. The only reason behind it is that card counting reduces the house edge.

The most common punishment for getting caught is being asked to leave the casino. At worst, they may notify other casinos about you. You do not suddenly get a court summons if you count cards. It is just a myth that most casino support because it benefits them. 

Online Casinos Don’t Pay their Players:

Bangladeshi people are new to the gambling world. So, they usually think online casinos need to pay the winning players. It is because they believe that these casino sites are scams. You will only get your winnings if a casino regulates under the license. It is also one of the most popular gambling myths in Bangladesh. The main reason for this myth’s popularity is that some Bangladeshi players claim welcome bonuses without understanding what they are. However, these offers have terms and conditions to avoid abuse, such as wagering requirements that tell you how often you need to use your bonuses before withdrawing. 

After completing the wagering requirements, you can only withdraw cash if you make a transaction request. Many Bangladeshi people didn’t understand these terms and considered it as the casino scamming them. Therefore, it is essential to make it as simple as possible.

Casinos are Rigged and Can Influence the Outcome of the Games:

Bangladeshi players often tend to think that online casinos are rigged. More than that, they also think that the casinos influence the randomness of their games. It is one of the most popular gambling myths you have heard the most over your gambling years. While online casinos have a benefit to their games, it is all about luck and randomness. So, the cheating would see them losing their gambling license.

Another important thing to remember is that outside authorities operate online casinos. Finally, you must also know that online casinos display the games instead of hosting them. They collaborate with the game providers. So, they have no influence whatsoever on the casino games’ outcomes.

Dealers Adjust the Games if you are Winning Too Much:

Some gamblers in Bangladesh have plenty of suspicions about casinos. However, one of the most popular is that the dealer will adjust the games if you win too much. It is one of Bangladesh’s most popular gambling myths, which is not right. Remember that casino games are specifically designed to give the house edge. Therefore, dealers don’t need to rig casino games.

It is because they are well aware that, eventually, the casino will make a profit across all players. Also, land-based casinos operate under independent bodies responsible for players’ safety. Along with testing the RNGs of slot machines, regulators are also responsible for reviewing dealers’ processes. 

Martingale is the Only Best Way to Win at Roulette:

Martingale is the most popular strategy used in various table games; almost all gamblers know it. However, this gambling strategy consists in doubling your wager as long as you lose. Many Bangladeshi players consider it the only way to make money. There is no sure way to win and make money when playing casino games. A 100% winning guarantee with Martingale is one of the most popular gambling myths. For instance, in Roulette, you have a €100 bankroll, starting with a €5 bet on black. If the red lands four times in a row, you have already spent €75. It shows that there is no 100% winning strategy at Roulette. It is just you and your luck.


Bangladeshi players use online gambling platforms to play casino games. The fact is that online casino is a world of luck and beliefs. Therefore, many rumors and popular gambling myths are revolving among Bangladeshi players about it. Undeniably, all these above mention myths are false and far from the truth.

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