Roulette Terminologies that Bangladeshi Players Should Be Aware Of

Learn the various key terms for playing roulette that Bangladeshi players should be familiar with.

Roulette is easier than many other casino games. Apart from this, it has several unique roulette terminologies and phrases. Most of them are owing to their French origins and different rules variations. It is very important for Bangladeshi players to be well aware of the following terminologies to become educated casino players, whether they want to play the little wheel casually or frequently. You must understand each move. You will be able to join any Roulette game. In addition to this, you will be able to know the subtle differences between them before you start playing. 


It is the dealer that appoints a change of a gaming table. The Croupier’s responsibility is to distribute and handle chips, bets, and money. The casino employs them. Moreover, they also assist in dealing with any unruly behavior. The name Croupier is a very formal term. It is especially given to dealers who run Roulette Tables.

House and House Edge:

House is the entity. It not only sets the rules but also controls the Roulette game and all other casino games in every casino. Usually, it refers to the owners of the casino. On the other hand, the house edge is the mathematical and statistical benefit that a casino has. It is mostly calculated as a percentage of a player in any game.


These are the areas on the Roulette wheel and table where the Roulette ball may land, and players place their bets. Remember that American Roulette has 38 pockets, and European Roulette has 37 pockets. These range from the numbers 1 – 35 and a 0 and double-zero pocket. It depends on the variation. However, half of the pockets are red-color, and the other half black, while the 0 and double zero are green. It indicates that they are the numbers that represent the house edge.

Table Limit:

It refers to the minimum and maximum amount of money. You can bet on the gaming table you are playing on. Usually, inside bets have lower table limits in comparison to outside bets. Casinos impose and enforce these limits to combat cheating. It also helps them to exploit the game and protect against progressive gambling strategies. Moreover, they are often in place to separate low-roller games from high-roller games. Bangladeshi players must keep these limits before choosing the perfect table for their bankroll.


It is an amount you designate and is willing to spend at a casino. Casual visits mean you start with a particular amount in mind. However, it is suggested that you always play with a certain limit and abide by an overall maximum amount. It is especially the case for Roulette, where money can go as quickly as it can win.

Corner Bet:

It refers to a wager on 4 numbers in a square layout. Corner Bet drives from where you place the bet and chips at the horizontal and vertical intersecting line of the 4 numbers. It classifies as an inside bet and pays out 11:1. One of the best French Roulette Terminologies, sometimes still used for corner bets, is “Carr.”

Even-Money Bets:

They are bets in Roulette that place certain types of wagers which provide 1:1 odds. They are almost as good as a 50/50 bet. These bets include Black/Red, Evens/Odds, and 1-18/19/36. The actual probability of one of those bets winning is 48.65%.

Single Zero:

It is the space on the Roulette wheel and table mark “00”. However, this number pocket is available in American and European roulette games. In the latter, it is the only green number in the table. Moreover, European wheels with 0 are also famous as “European Wheel” or “French Wheel” as a reference to their historic origins. 0 is often famous as a green number because of its color coding, which signifies it is a house number.

Combination Bet:

This type of bet occurs when you bet on more than one number in the layout. You can hedge your bets and cover multiple numbers to hit one to cover all of your bets and make a very small profit. However, hedging your bets is risky and generally not recommended to players. Apart from this, many players play Roulette in this way.


Gambling in Bangladesh is not very old. In addition to this, the law of gambling is very strict. Despite this fact, players in Bangladesh like to play casino games, and Roulette is one of their favorites. So, Bangladeshi players need to be familiar with the above mention roulette terminologies. Once they become familiar with these terms, they will be ready to test their knowledge in real Roulette games.

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