Terrible Bets That Bangladeshi Casino Players Should Avoid

This is a list of the most terrible bets that Bangladeshi players should avoid when gambling in casinos.

It is undeniable that the house has the advantage, and the player is more likely to lose money in casinos. When you are already playing on weak footing, you want to avoid the worse situation by placing terrible bets. You need to be extremely demanding when it comes down to selecting the game you will place a bet on.

Undeniably, this is something that can take plenty of time. Committing yourself to this before achieving the best possible results is best. Here is a list of the most Terrible Bets Bangladeshi players should avoid. By doing this, you will see your casino winnings will improve instantly.

Five-Number Bet in Roulette:

Many Bangladeshi casino players choose this bet to increase their chances of winning. However, it is one of the most terrible bets that cover both the single and the double zero pockets. In addition, it also covers numbers one, two, and three. So, Bangladeshi casino players should avoid this bet, especially when playing American Roulette. However, the house edge of the roulette table is 5.26%. This bet ramps it up to 7.89%. 

Blackjack Insurance Bet:

Blackjack insurance is a popular side bet. It is placed on whether or not the dealer is displaying a 10-value card. No one can do anything with it. However insurance may appear prudent, but it is also one of the terrible bets unless you know how to count cards.

In most cases, you will lose money even if you count cards. Therefore, Bangladeshi casino players should avoid such bets. When the dealer’s down card is 10, you win 2 to 1 on your bet. It is appealing, but it is a risky position as well. It is because the deck contains 13 unique card values, from 2 to ace. Just four cards have a 10 value. 

Betting on 2:

The major prospect of this bet is that the next toss of the shooter will produce a 2. It means that any other number will lose your stake. While high risk and high reward are a thing, this will make it one of the most terrible bets that Bangladesh casino players should avoid. One of the 36 possible dice combinations in this bet can produce a 2. It means your odds of winning a bet are very steep, 35:1. 

Craps Hard Way Bets:

This bet is placed on the roll’s outcome in craps, including two doubles. Hard-way bets can be made on 4, 6, 8, or 10 as the final tally. If both dice show 2, your hard-way bet on 4 is a winner. You can make it more challenging to roll a 6, and both dice must show a 3. The only way to win 8-bets is to roll a pair of 4s on both dice. These types of bets are typically very difficult. 

Tie Bet in Baccarat:

There is no doubt about it that baccarat is the best casino game when it comes to keeping pace with the casino. The Banker bet and the player bet have a house edge lower than 1.5%. In addition, the banker bet is slightly more advantageous, with the house edge of only 1.06%.

Baccarat is undeniably an excellent game for Bangladeshi casino players that want to spend hours in a casino without losing too much money. It is one of the most terrible bets that offer a stellar 8 to 1 payout. In addition, this bet’s house edge is more than 14%.

Video Poker Bets Less than the Max:

The standard betting range in video poker is between 1 and 5 coins every hand. The payout tables itemize the different coin values and the corresponding payouts. Apart from the low frequency using which the max payout is won, the lower house edge provides the huge amount won when it is won is worth it.

Consider you are playing Jacks using the max number of coins. The house edge is as low as 0.09%. However, the return to player percentage increases by 1.24% if you play with the maximum coins.


There are tons of entertaining games available at Bangladeshi casinos. Some of them have a relatively low house edge. Despite that, Bangladeshi casinos also have decent bets with reasonable odds. Some bets like terrible bets attract to offer the potential for a significant win. Unfortunately, these types of bets come with a tremendous house edge. These above mention different types of such type of bets are better to avoid by Bangladeshi players.

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