The Legal Status of Mobile Gambling in Bangladesh

Read this article to learn whether mobile gambling is legal in Bangladesh. Read this for more information.

As technology evolves and mobile phones become more sophisticated. Therefore, it is easy to see that the future of the gambling business lies in the world of Mobile Casinos. However, Mobile Gambling is the digital version of physical casino games, including Poker and Slots. Now, you can play these games on your mobiles and tablets. Although, this type of game dates back to the days of Nokia phones. Nokia’s mobile casino games were games where players could play with virtual in-game currencies. Gambling games for mobile are widely available on the internet. However, there is no clear law about this type of gambling in Bangladesh.

Laws for Mobile Gambling in Bangladesh:

Regarding sports activities, the people of Bangladesh are always willing to bet on them until they can do this. Whereas land gambling is illegal in Bangladesh, there are no clear federal laws for Mobile gambling. Therefore, a huge group of people believes it is legal in Bangladesh. It needs to understand that mobile casinos function a little differently. To play mobile casino games, you don’t need to collect a stack of web addresses on your mobile.

You need to download an app on your mobile phone. Usually, it manifests as an icon on the home screen. It can give the player instant access to their games. Laws of Bangladesh only legalese gambling games of skills. Betting on games of chance is illegal in Bangladesh. In addition, it is confusing for people because there are no clear distinctions between a game of chance and skills.

According to the Bangladeshi Court, the game of Rummy is not a game of chance but skills. Therefore, it is legal in Bangladesh. However, some states of Bangladesh, including Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, have banned online betting completely. Thus, Mobile Gambling is in utter confusion, but it is legal in most parts of Bangladesh for now.

Is Mobile Gambling Legal in Bangladesh?

Being a Muslim country, gambling is not legal n Bangladesh. The only exceptions are horse racing and some lotteries that are strictly regulated. However, it is also true that there are no land-based casinos in Bangladesh; even online casinos are also banned. Recently, Bangladesh’s government also embarked on the mission to block Mobile Gambling sites.

While the government of Bangladesh is keen on controlling and regulating the gambling industry of Bangladesh, it is quite challenging to handle the increasing number of mobile casinos letting players in Bangladesh. Players can still access other international mobile casinos even when it cracks the whip on several of these Mobile Gambling sites. Some of them also use VPNs to access the block sites. Casino licensing in Bangladesh is illegal. Thus, there is no licensed casino in Bangladesh. That’s not to say players can’t access any mobile casino or mobile casino games. In addition to this, they are free to join and play in any international mobile casino.

Future of Mobile Gambling in Bangladesh:

While the government of Bangladesh and the country’s Muslim population are keen on ensuring the Sharia law is observed to the letter. However, it is an effort in futility. Even the street courts of Bangladesh establish punishment for gamblers who do not work. The Mobile Gambling craze has caught up with Bangladeshi gamblers.

In addition to this, they still access mobile casino games that various international sites offer. Mobile betting technology is expanding and the internet penetrating rising, and mobile casino games will increasingly become famous in the next few years even if the government remains adamant about not opening up the Bangladesh frontiers.

Mobile Gambling: A Possible Replacement:

The mobile casino games are the digital version of physical gambling games. You can play the games like poker and Slot on your mobile and tablets. However, these types of games date back to the days of Nokia phones. The Mobile Gambling games on Nokia were the games that players could play virtually using in-game currencies. You don’t need real money to pay for those games. Moreover, mobile was not as popular as most genres until recently. Now, the mobile can host things that transform the genre into one, with millions of fans worldwide.

Bangladesh is the only Islamic country with the highest chances of forming a licensing and regulatory body for mobile casino games in the next 10 years. In addition to this, they already have an established customer base because a huge group of people gambles online from here each year. Those people have a high level of Internet availability. Therefore, assuming that they could expand this to include mobile casino games is not a stretch.


There is no doubt that sports betting is a great way to earn money. Not in the case of Bangladesh, because it is completely illegal. However, there are no specific laws for Mobile Gambling. Many people in Bangladesh play online casino games through their mobiles and tablets. The online gambling craze has caught up with Bangladesh gamblers, and it is increasing day by day.

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