What Are Call Bets in Bangladesh Casino Roulette Games?

This guide will give you a direct knowledge about call bets in a roulette game. Read this post for more information.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino game in Bangladesh that provide many gambling possibilities. There is a lot more to Roulette than just bets on single numbers. However, some bets are more alternative than others. Therefore, players are more likely to use them when they feel they need to get more excitement from the Roulette wheel spins. Call bets in Bangladesh casino Roulette games represent a specific group of bets. Usually, these bets are often available at high-stakes tables in Bangladesh casinos. In this short guide, you will get complete information about these bets. 

Call Bets in Bangladesh Casinos Roulette Games:

The fact is the Roulette table in Bangladesh casinos is full of different betting options that you can choose from. Call bets are of those betting options. They are also known as French bets. However, they are a special type of bet in Bangladesh casino roulette games. Mostly, these bets are accepted by high-stake tables. You can make this type of bet by simply calling what you wish to bet instead of placing the chips on the tables. The croupier can place the chips for call bets on the layout. It will make it easier for you to bet on more complex combinations of numbers. 

Most of the time, these bets are accepted when a huge crowd surrounds the tables. In these cases, some players have no choice but to call their bets. They need to come closer to the table and place the chips independently. Generally, call bets are various types of bets that cover unusual patterns of numbers. There are some common types of call roulette bets available in Bangladesh casinos, which are as follows:


It covers the two remaining sections of the wheel. It will include features of a total of eight numbers and outside the Tiers and Voisins. In addition, three number lies to the right of the single zero pockets, which are 17, 34, and 6. The other five numbers, 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9, are positioned to the left of the zero. However, the Orphan call bets are made with five chips. At the same time, 4 chips are placed on the splits between 31-34, 17-20, 14-17, and 6-9—the last chip places as a straight-up bet on number 1. 

Tiers du Cylindre:

This bet covers one-third of the roulette wheel. It places 12 numbers positions between 33 and 27. The sequence in this roulette wheel section is 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, and 33. A total of 6 chips are involved in this one of the most popular call bet types. All chips are placed on the six splits of 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, and 33-36. When you win this bet, you will get a payout of 17 to 1. 

Voisins du Zero:

 It is one of the most popular call bets that includes all 17 numbers located between 22 and 25 on the roulette wheel. The numbers included in the type of call bet are 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19,4,21, 2, and 25. This bet takes 9 chips that locate on many splits. In addition, 5 chips are placed on the splits of 4-7, 12-15, 18-21, 19-22, and 32-35. Two chips are placed as a split bet at the intersection with numbers 0, 2, and 3. The last two chips are placed as a corner bet. So, they cover numbers 25, 26, 28, and 29. Naturally, while Bangladeshi people play Roulette over online casinos, they can easily opt for this bet type. 

Jeu Zero:

One of the most interesting facts about this call bet is that it did not originate in France. Instead, the origin of this bet can trace back to German gambling venues. These bets cover just seven numbers. The number in Jeu Zero is closest to the single-zero pocket on the roulette wheel, including zero. Despite zero, other numbers included in this bet are 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. In the Jeu Zero bet, you need four chips to place the bet. In addition, 1 chip is placed as a split bet on 0-3. 12-15 is the next split, where another 1 chip is placed. The third chip was placed on number 26 as a straight bet, and the last on the split of 32-35. However, the payout of winning this bet depends on the number of balls that lands.


Roulette is widely available in Bangladeshi casinos. Players like to play this table game and place various bets like call bets. These bets can increase their winning chances and provide great excitement out of roulette wheels.

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