What Are Poker Blinds – A Complete Guide

This Poker Blinds guide is here to help you understand every bit of this position and how you can master it.

If you love testing your luck with Poker then knowing Poker Blind is a must. A type of Poker bet, Poker Blinds are placed at the beginning of each hand to start the action. Hence, mastering them is the first step that you can take to become a Poker Pro.

This Poker Blinds guide is here to help you understand every bit of this position and how you can master it.

What is Poker Blind?

There are many types of bets in Poker and Poker blinds are one of them. They are the mandatory bets that every Poker player has to make before cards are dealt or hands are built. The key purpose of this bet is to make sure that the pot has chips to get started and encourage the player to raise their stakes.

Other than this, blinds are great for maintaining the table dynamics and complete players have a strategy before cards are dealt. It certainly adds that extra pinch of excitement to the game of Poker.

Depending upon the Poker version, we have Small and Big blinds.

  • Small Blinds– These bets are made by the players sitting immediately left to the dealer button. The small blind bet amount is usually half of the minimum bet decided for the respective hand.
  • Big Blinds– Players sitting immediately left of the Small Blinds make this bet and the bet amount is generally twice the small blind bet amount.

Other than these two most common types of Poker Blinds, we also have Straddle and Mississippi Straddle Poker Blinds. 

A straddle blind is an option bet that only the player left of the big blinds can make. It is also made before the cards are dealt and its value is double of big bet’s value. 

Mississippi straddle is placed by the players left to the big blind and could be any amount, except being double of the big blind. 

How Poker Blinds are Determined? 

Poker Blinds are decided by the dealer or host of the game. In most of the cases, Big Blinds are double of Small Blinds. But, dealers can incorporate new elements in this Blind structure, according to the cash game or tournament type. 

In cash Poker games, Poker Blinds are mostly fixed to maintain consistency. But, Poker Blind keep on increasing to make sure players are maintaining adequate chip stack in a tournament game.  

Regardless of game format, this bet encourages action and dynamic gameplay throughout a Poker game.

Rules of Using Blinds in Poker

If you plan to go with blind bets in Poker, stick by to below-mentioned rules to avoid failure.  

Moving Button v/s Dead Button Rule

Using Poker Blinds requires an understanding of moving button v/s dead button rules. Under the Moving Button rule, the dealer button moves to the left to reach the player and the blinds move next to two players. This rule ensures the smooth joining of the players in the middle of the game.

If the game is driven by the dead button rule, big blinds are mainly influenced. Players post big blinds due to fit and small blinds are positioned according to the big blind bets.

The moving button rule is great to ensure that the game goes smoothly while the Dead button rule ensures the correct positioning of the blinds. So, you need to understand the role of these rules before using blind bets.

Missed Blinds

Missed blinds are the bets that players missed during their turns. These blinds are typically made up when a player re-enters the game. Missed blinds vary according to the game format and are important to maintain the fairness of the games.

Blinds for New Players

Players entering in the middle of a Poker game have the chance to join the game by waiting for Big Blind or paying Big Blind bet amount to receive the cards.

Different Poker Blinds for Different Types of Games 

Even if your Poker Blinds basics are clear, you can still have trouble making these bets in different types of Poker games. Hence, it’s important to get familiar with different Poker Blinds variations. 

Texas Hold’em is a very popular version of Poker and it only has standard Small and Big Blinds. But, in Omaha, the blind structure is slightly different than the standard one. 

If you play Omaha with pot limits, both big and small blinds are of the same size. 

Seven-Card Stud Poker might have Ante bets with Poker Blinds. 

Important Things to Know Before Playing Poker in Casinos


The mandatory bet in Poker, Poker Blinds, is important to start the action and makes the game thrilling. Give yourself some time to master it. We know it’s a lot of work. But, trust us! It will help you have a great Poker gaming experience. 

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