Will AI Replace Human Dealer In Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos have started thinking of integrating AI dealers into the workflow so that human dealers can become more productive, responsive, and interactive than before.

AI is everywhere and is replacing, completely or partially, humans at their jobs. We have automated cars that don’t need human drivers, automated nurses taking care of patients, and even automated bartenders serving your favourite drinks.

Seeing this level of penetration, it’s not wrong if a live dealer game lover starts thinking that AI will soon replace live dealers in live dealers’ casinos. If you ever had this thought, let’s unfold the truth together.

The Level of Automation we Are Currently Seeing at the Live Dealer Casinos

Already AI has penetrated the realm of live dealer casinos and the most common usage is to analyse the players’ behavior and predict the trends. However certain live dealer casino experts are advocating using live dealers to make live dealer gambling. Even if it’s in theory, there is a possibility of AI dealers replacing live dealers at leading live dealer casinos.

AI Dealers v/s Live Dealers

As there are certain chances of AI replacing live dealers in future, let’s ponder how they can be better or worse than the live dealer.

Let’s start with the positives of using AI dealers in live dealer casinos first.

  • AI dealers will continue working for hours without being tired or taking a break, which is not possible with live dealers. They need frequent brakes and won’t be able to work around the clock. If a live dealer casino is new to the market and wants to engage the players as much as possible, AI dealers might work best in this case.
  • AI live dealers will be powered by machine learning technology through which they can easily detect issues such as problem gambling, excessive betting, and cheating. This is possible because AI live dealers can analyze the players’ behaviour from the beginning to the end of the game.  No matter how diligent a live dealer seems, capturing all these details is not possible for a human. Hence, the use of AI dealers in live dealer casinos will make gambling a bit more safe and sound.
  • AI dealers will make communication a bit more hyper-realistic in live dealer casinos. They can respond quickly, provide apt answers to the customer’s queries, track the pending chats, and even create a log of the chat. Through all these means, AI dealers are going to make sure that no customer goes unattended and has any displeasure of any kind. This level of responsiveness will foster a better customer-casino relationship that later pays off well in the form of frequent and longer playing sessions. 

All these points made one thing clear the use of AI dealers in live dealer casinos is certainly going to improve and leverage the face of live dealer games.

But, are they faultless?

No! Every technology, including AI live dealers, has certain downsides or limitations. So, let’s decode them as well.

  • AI Live Dealer lacks the human touch and social elements. They have no expressions to engage players and seem very artificial. Because of this, they make the entire gambling experience a lot more mechanized, which not many punters prefer.
  • AI live dealer and their cognizance rely on the underlying technology and if there is any sort of technical glitches, they can become a great threat to the live dealer casinos. They can declare false wins, process the wrong payouts, and even alter the bet results. Any of these possibilities can harm the brand value of a live dealer casino greatly. Human dealers have no such risks as they can make the right decisions by analyzing the situation.

Offering a purely AI-based live dealer casino may reduce operational transparency because there is always a possibility of manipulations.

Best Tips for Live Dealer Games in Bangladesh Casinos

Balance is The Key

AI is here and no one can deny that we need to improve the capacity and capabilities of humans. But, replacing humans completely with AI is going to do more harm than good because AI lacks human intelligence.  Live dealers casinos don’t have to replace the human dealers completely with AI dealers but they can assist human dealers and make them more productive. The ideal scenarios are:

  • Using AI dealers to help human dealers to more analytical by providing a wealth of data
  • Human live dealers using the help of AI dealers to understand the players’ behaviour
  • AI dealers assist human dealers to ensure that gameplay is fair and secure

Final Say

AI has become a part of our life and living in denial is not a solution. Live dealer casinos have started thinking of integrating AI dealers into the workflow so that human dealers can become more productive, responsive, and interactive than before.   

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